Willowbrook Riding Club Show Team

IEHJA Year-end Horse Show Nov. 2017

The Willowbrook Show Team once again turned in an outstanding performance at the year-end IEHJA Horse Show at City of Industry in Nov 2017, taking home many ribbons and awards. Pictured above, left to right; Trainer/coach LoriLea Franklin, Carolyn Wickstrand, Katie O'Malley, Sam Tate, Juliette I'Anson, Kacy Hamilton, Brinley Werhli, Isabella Aldas, Forrest Franklin, Gabby Franklin and Hunter Franklin. Congratulations to all.


Left, Gabby Franklin on Raphael IEHJA $500 Derby winner; Center, Carolyn Wickstrand on To The Max 2'3" Medal Final Winner; Right, Hunter Franklin on Raphael Flat Medal Final Winner (Photographs by Von-Dell Images)


Left, Forrest Franklin on Dually Invested Green Rider Classic Winner; Center, Kacy Hamilton on Dakota Walk-Trot Champion; Right, Gabby Franklin on Zippy Ziggy 2'3" Jumper Champion (Photographs by Von-Dell Images)


Left, Sam Tate on Summer Vacation, Reserve Champion 2'3" Medal; Middle, Juliette I'Anson on Little Blackie, Reserve Champion Walk-Trot; Right, Brinley Werhli, Sam Tate and Carolyn Wickstrand cheer on their Teamates
(Photographs by Von-Dell Images)

Willowbrook Riding Club students and their awards at the year-end IEHJA Banquet, Feb 2018. Left to right; Gabrielle Franklin, Isabella Aldas, Caroline Wickstrand, Hunter Franklin, Forrest Franklin, Sam Tate, Juliette I'Anson, Kacy Hamilton, and Katelin Gossman.   

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