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Dear Competitors and Friends:

We will have 8 Saddle Series Hunter Jumper Shows in the 2018-19 running from Sep to May. (see Dates Judges Map for details).  All our shows are sanctioned by IEHJA, GSDHJA, OCHSA and USHJA Outreach, so you can accumulate points in all four associations. 

If you want association information, consult the IEHJA web site at http://iehja.com, or GSDHJA at http://gsdhja.org, OCHSA at http://OCHSA.org USHJA at http://USHJA.org (Outreach Competition) for up-to-date rules, sanctioned classes, divisions and membership applications - which are also available at our show office (note that GSDHJA membership applications must be done online).


Don't forget Willowbrook English Riding Apparel & Tack has wide selection of English riding clothing and accessories including; boots, helmets, britches,  jods, saddles, bridles and hunt coats for show and everyday riding: click on this to go to the web page (Willowbrook Riding Apparel). We are the 'Ariat' dealer in the valley and have a supply of their superior quality tall and paddock boots in stock. We also carry Tuff Rider, Charles Owens, Ovation, and are agents for 'Burlingham' Sports Products (including wonderful, easy-care jump standards, rails and gates). (We used to build them and paint them - WOW!)

Weddings at Willowbrook.  We can conduct weddings at Willowbrook; see our descriptive page for options, Rev. Donald Franklin, Ph.D., officiating (or the minister, priest, rabbi of your choice).

Layups and Horse Retirement on grass at Willowbrook. If your Racehorse or Show Horse needs a rest, we have pastures to accommodate him or her. Give us a call to discuss your horse's needs.

Please note that we can host kids' birthday parties (Kids Parties at Willowbrook) and conduct equine-assisted personal development training (Equine-Assisted Personal Development): click on their pages to see details. Also, our boarders' trail rides head out periodically to picturesque 'Willow Hole' (a picture of which is on our opening page) located in the conservancy area adjacent to our ranch where horses (but not motorized vehicles) are welcome. 

Thanks to all you equestrian competitors, ranch owners, parents, riders, and trainers all over southern California who attend our shows. As always we are committed to provide you with excellent judges, a pleasant, friendly venue, well-run shows, and great awards. We hope you all enjoy yourselves at Saddle Series and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming shows. 

All of our class lists and entry forms are included on this web site in .pdf format; just click on the link and it will appear on your Adobe reader (freely available from http://www.adobe.com) so you can print them out on virtually any printer. This means you can produce the entry forms at home and complete them before you arrive. This saves us all time on show days. (Entry forms are, of course, also available at the shows.) If you wish, you can also complete your entry form at home and fax it to us at (760) 251-1198, in advance to save even more time, or do an online entry at http://www.horseshowtime.com

May we remind you that
Saddle Series Hunter-Jumper Daily high-point awards do not require any special sign-up -- you are automatically in the running for every daily award for which you qualify. There is a one-time overall sign-up fee for all Series high-point awards but once signed up, you are entered in every Series division year-end competition for which you qualify: at series-end the cumulative scores from all shows are tallied

'Hoses & Bubblers' There are hoses in the horse-trailer parking area which are convenient for filling buckets to water your horses. Sometimes people drive or back over hose bibs even though they are clearly marked with cones or concrete blocks. Please be aware and avoid them. Also, every tree has a 'bubbler': if you allow your horse to go too close to the trees, the bubblers can be stepped on and broken. Please give a wide berth to the bases of trees.

'Weather' A note to those who call us about the weather. We've only cancelled two shows over the 280 or so shows we've held in the past 26 years! Our arenas are on sand footings and have never flooded. We're in the desert: we average around 5.25 inches of rainfall per year (but get winds on occasion which proves you can't have everything). We have a covered, wind-sheltered arena: rest assured we will hold our shows as scheduled. So bear in mind that even though the weather at your home is terrible, and you're up to your knees in mud, the chances are overwhelming that our weather here will be wonderful and quite suitable for a show; we prefer to be outside but will go under cover if that makes the most sense. 

We hope to see you at our shows,

LoriLea and Don Franklin

Hunter Montgomery Franklin,                            Forrest Michael Franklin,
March 21, 2001                                             February 7, 2005

Future Serious Horseman                            Happy Hunter/Jumper Guy
Hunter Montgomery Franklin                      Forrest Michael Franklin
     First Horse Show, January, 2003             First Horse Show, January, 2007

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March 14, 2019