Horse Riding Lesson Programs for Charter, Home School, and Public School 'Track' Students

Willowbrook is an approved vendor for Charter Schools operating with representatives in the Coachella Valley. Through the auspices of a Charter School, parents who chose to have their children educated at home, outside of the public school system, may have their child’s horse riding lessons subsidized by the State of California. Programs are available for children from Kindergarten though grade 12. Children in public schools who operate on a 'Track' schedule can also take advantage of special lesson times on week days at the same lesson fees. 

The Program

Charter, home school and 'track' students are instructed in group lessons in one of our arenas. There are typically 6 lessons in a semester. English and western riding styles are taught at the parents'/riders' option. We supply horses, saddles, helmets, and equipment.

Beginner/intermediate riders may start at age 5 and up. Lessons begin with ‘tacking up’ (bridling, & saddling), parts of the horse, tack, care & grooming, and progress to leading, turn-outs, riding at the walk, jog/trot and possibly lope/canter. 

If there is sufficient demand we will set up an Intermediate/advanced riders where students will learn more advanced riding techniques, including; walk, jog/trot, lope/canter, lateral movement on the horse, backing the horse, and possibly jumping ground poles and cross-rails. Intermediate students must be able to bridle, saddle and groom a horse on their own.

When finished the riding portion of the class, all students will brush or water down their horses and clean the horse’s stall; therefore students and parents should allow for 2 hours at the ranch for each lesson.

Call for an up-to-date schedule for Beginner/Intermediate Semester Dates.

Call (760) 329-7676 for Schedule

Note: Students should wear tight leggings or snug jeans. Running or regular shoes may be worn for western riding. English riding students must have boots with low heels. (We have a variety of new and used leggings, britches, and boots available to purchase in our store at the ranch.)

For River Springs (formerly Eagles Peak) Charter School, or Julian Charter School information: contact  us and we'll refer you (760) 329-7676.

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December 18, 2017